Pass through or pass-through

Apostrophes, hyphens and dashes. Oh man.

The internet has made things better: I can look up how to deal with these things when I don’t feel like making my brain do more.

The internet has made things worse: I can spend half a meeting discussing why it is important to be consistent throughout a digital footprint.

Login or Log In? Noun. Verb. Yes. Same thing with pass through and pass-through.

While this post may look like a complaint about grammar, it’s actually a note to all those independent contractors and sole proprietors out there. Create a Limited Liability Corporation. It costs some money but it is worth it because . . . taxes.

A deduction of 20% of net income for many pass-through business owners can lower the top rate to 29.6% from 37%.

Whether it’s pass-through or pass through, The Free Range Group will work with you to figure it out.

how did we get here?

i’ve been asking this question a lot lately.

how did we get here?

time span: 50 years

1968 to 2018.

does it matter how (the collective) we got here?

it probably doesn’t because i’m actually asking a slightly different question.

how the fuck did this happen?

we’re well into the second decade of the 21st century and it’s not pretty.

in fact, we blew by some important shit and let it get obliterated in front of our faces.

lilly ledbetter act? yes.

fair and equal pay for equal work? no.

speak up? yes

results? not. good.

rinse. repeat.

but it’s been almost a decade since that supreme court decision and it’s not working. i am proof.

a story for another day.